We’ve just brought in all of our house plants, tropicals, and annuals/herbs we are trying to overwinter or keep alive (for just a while longer). Phew, that was exhausting! Now it’s time to go harvest any remaining summer veggies in the garden.

We heard Jack Frost would make an appearance tomorrow morning and subsequent mornings. It was time to face the harsh reality that the cold IS coming – WINTER is coming. (The Husband and I are DEFINITELY NOT fond of winter. In fact, it really depresses the both of us. We are triggered with a general sense of dread, doom, and gloom, get the urge to eat tons of soup and crusty bread and then hibernate, tend to spend every leisure moment neck deep in our tiny hottub lest we freeze to death, etc.)

I actually really like being surrounded by my indoor jungle this time of year. It’s round about mid-March when I can’t stand it anymore and want to chuck all the plants out the door. Especially, when the ants start to move about, things start to hatch, and frogs crawl out! (It doesn’t take much either – just a change in temperature of a degree or two and lengthening daylight, and the next thing you know, you’ve a frog to feed!)

Here is the frog that hibernated under the potted chives next to this bellpepper plant I kept indoors under a grow light all last winter. He emerged the end of April, right before I was getting ready to put this pot out! Perfect timing; I scooped him up and put him outside in my catmint.
Sea grape, citrus, snow-on-the-mountain, petra, etc.
Snow-on-the-mountain, bird of paradise, and areca palm. Kite, the cockatiel, especially loves this time of year as he is surrounded by a jungle again.