So, I think I DO have three French hens (ducks)!

I collected 6 duck eggs this morning! The duck eggs are OUT OF CONTROL around here. I cannot believe how prolific ducks are in December. I must have three hens…

Since we have an abundance of duck eggs, I decided to make some Christmas cutout cookies with them really fast this evening. It’s just nice to have a cookie or two to munch on – ’tis the season. Pretty tasty.

I’ve thrown the rest of the dough (it’s only a half recipe) in the fridge. I think I might make some icing to paint on them tomorrow. I’m afraid I’m not very good at decorating cakes or cookies! Practice makes perfect.

I watered the low tunnel this afternoon and pulled the poly back over. The temperature is supposed to dip to normal winter temperatures for a few days along with really cold wind chills. I also sunk tank heaters in all the troughs. Let the #IceWars begin! I’d love it if it would just rain though.