I spent some time with my bottle lamb, Clove, today.

I’ve been feeding her grain morning and night since I let the ewes back down to the barn for the winter, trying to get her to put some weight on. She struggled to keep up on the summer grass. It’s hard when you’re born miniature and everyone else is way ahead of you! She is putting on weight now though, so that’s encouraging.

Clove is such a cutie!

Poor Clove is really interested in Zoey, but Zoey feels like, no way, get away from me! It’s been hard for Clove to make friends as she was raised by Orange and the Husband and I. However, while I watched, Raven and Nutmeg came to see Clove. It seems they have become friends! Raven (born in 2020) is the daughter of Magnolia who went to another farm in Oregon last year and Nutmeg (Feta’s lamb from this year) grew up with Clove.

Zoey does not share Clove’s zeal for friendship.

I do know how Clove feels, being on the fringe (rejected by her ewe mother and with few allies in the flock). I always say it’s hard to make new friends after high school and university. After that, all bets are off. I’ve been on the fringe my whole life, and especially now – I don’t know anyone that has much of anything in common with me. At least Clove and I have each other!

Zoey is too busy for friends. As soon as she got down she caught a mole and then ran off!