Well, Blogmas took a break over the last couple of days.

We had quite a storm here on Wednesday night. Serious winds and then a line of storms like a derecho, which was then followed by worse wind, dust all the way from Colorado and Western Kansas, and smoke from an out of control prairie fire to the west of us.

There were tornado warnings nearby, but thankfully we only had gusts to 65 mph. I lost some tarps off of my round bales, but that was nothing compared to other farms in the county that lost metal roofs, empty grain silos, and went without power yesterday. The cats and I made good use of the basement for a couple hours!

Yesterday I went to volunteer at my local animal shelter and there was no power, so we had to clean cat kennels by headlamp and battery powered lanterns. The kitties were happy to see me, even if it was in the dark. At least they have a skylight, which helped a lot!

I pulled the poly off my low tunnel ahead of time and tied/weighted it down so the wind wouldn’t shred it. The veggies looked okay yesterday, but I’m waiting a few days to see about wind/frost burn on their tender leaves. At least everything got about a third of an inch of rain!

Also of note: Orange killed, eviscerated, and almost completely consumed Peter F’ing Rabbit during the storm. Must have been an opportunity because of the storm as Orange has been after him for the last year. I felt bad for a few minutes about Peter F’ing Rabbit, but then I thought, no, it was just his time. Especially since my poor defenseless cabbage is nearby. Orange hasn’t been hungry for the last couple of days – that rabbit was as big as he is!

Anyways, it’s back to making kumquat pies and holiday baking. The Husband took a kumquat pie to his clinic’s holiday potluck – seemed like a hit – strange as it must have been! I mean, who the heck eats citrus rind and all? (We do! It’s a Florida thing.)