Today is the Solstice, which means we are in the backstretch!

I’m thrilled about longer days and more sunshine! Solar powered here. I love it when the planet starts tilting back towards the sun again. Spring is also just around the corner now. We just really need some rain. It’s been so dry, I don’t think the crocus have even made a single move towards the surface. Last year I was trying to cover them back over before New Year’s Day!

I needed some good news because for the past few days I have been getting absolutely nowhere. When I went to make my holiday brittle it turned out blah, which has never happened before. In the end, I threw it all away. When I went shopping for new ingredients, they didn’t have any. When I ordered my Christmas cards, they lost my order. When I went to make divinity I had no idea what the best recipe would be because I’ve never even had divinity! (Now I’m afraid to gift it to anyone…) I know, first world problems.

I’m in the doldrums, the suspense is killing me, I’m trying to do something nice for a few friends and neighbors, but I’m not getting anything done! I feel like I’m trying to paddle/row, but I’m not getting anywhere and sails are all slack! (I really better remember to take the Christmas roast out of the freezer in time.) At this rate Murphy’s Law is going to take over, if I’m not careful.

Now I’ve gotten behind. I haven’t finished wrapping stocking stuffers, nor passed out any holiday treats, or gotten to making my gingerbread cookies. My Christmas cards won’t arrive at their destinations until after New Year’s probably. I can feel the pressure now! Me and every other person who is trying to pull Christmas together. I’m right there with you!

All I can say is, soldier on! Be tenacious, nimble, resourceful, and adapt quickly. Finish strong, even if you finish late. As my mother likes to remind herself and me, enjoy the journey.