I’ve been busy making candy, kumquat pies, and cookies like crazy for the neighbors and coworkers. (I’m also behind on blogmas as I’m sure you’ve noticed!)

I’ve never made divinity before, much less remember ever consuming any, so I have no clue how it should taste or what the texture should be like. The recipe I used, a variation of Pecan, Fig, and Honey Divinity from For The Love Of The South by Amber Wilson, calls for honey. Honey comes in a variety of shades, flavors, etc. and can cause huge flavor variations when it’s a key ingredient in a recipe. I also substituted out figs and pecans for cranberries and pistachios!

When I first tasted the divinity (while it was still warm), I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to pass it out. However, after trying it again after it had cooled, I became a big fan! Next time I make it, I’d like to try a lighter honey than the one I used this time.

Bite sized divinity.

A comment about my thumbprint cookies: I’ve learned that best practice is to refrain from talking on the phone while baking. Entire eggs were added, instead of just yolks. Oh well! They’re still pretty good, just a little spread out. Topped with my home canned spiced blueberry preserves.

The wonky thumbprint cookies. Still edible, just misshapen!

Now it’s on to lemon cookies, and an apple pie for the farmer who cuts and bales my round bale hay!