Nope, black sheep baby fleece.

I’d been inspecting Raven’s baby fleece from last year, and when I walked away for just ONE moment, that’s all it took. Then the cats started fighting over it. One would kick the other out and then as soon as one left the other would take back over. A very coveted spot.

TasiCat keeping warm and cozy in front of the fire. Yes, the Husband got me clearanced Playmobil for Christmas (I collect)… See my new barn and tractor!
The “bear rug” has eyes now! Mink in camoflauge.

I couldn’t resist washing and combing out some of Raven’s fleece to see what it looked like as the ends of the locks had been bleached by the sun. I was curious as to its overall final color. I would definitely say her roving color is “black bear”! Her fleece is very soft and fine, but with only a staple length of four inches (4″) max.

Raven’s roving.
“Bird nest”
Raven and friends.