We have a hankering for sourdough pizza and breadsticks, so it’s time to wake up my Creature.

I keep my Creature in the fridge and bring it out when I’m ready to make a loaf of sourdough or pizza/breadstick dough. I do this about a day ahead of time to give it a chance to get back to itself. Sometimes it doesn’t get as active as I would like on the first feeding.

The Husband mentioned he is hungry for my Cheesy Garlic Sourdough Breadsticks and a homemade pizza. Sometimes takeout pizza just doesn’t cut it. Not sure what toppings we will have for the pizza yet, but we have a bit of time to think about it.

I will keep the Creature fed until this weekend when we mill some more hard winter wheat with my new grain mill I was gifted for Christmas. I want to learn to make whole wheat sourdough. Everything is an experiment around here!

Grinding hard red winter wheat.
The new handcrank mill.