Why am I a proponent for medical catnip? Because it works. I’ve seen the results. It can have a stimulating or calming effect on the patient, and it appears the only side effects are temporary sleepiness, hyperactivity, and/or excessive salivation. It can help distract the most geriatric, calm the anxious, and expend the energy of the young and annoying. The only drawback is the addiction. However, the ends justify the means.

Nevermind the fact that the patient is effectively glued to the sack as if it was a suckable candy, craved over as if it was cocaine. Nevermind the collateral damage to the furniture, others, or inability to get anything done. Nevermind the mess it creates when the sack comes open and someone has to clean up after. Nevermind accidentally stepping on the soaking wet sack in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom.

The ultimate reason it’s worth it is it takes a burden off of the caretaker. The patient is occupied and satiated, albeit in a strange way. The only extra effort that need be taken is to put out extra food. The patient can be entertained for hours and the caretaker can obtain much needed respite. Hence, who wouldn’t be a proponent?

It’s okay to admit you’re addicted to catnip.