The ewes were bred starting the 18th of October. So, we will start watching for lambs to drop around March 12. I’m so excited! I’m always hoping for that recessive black lamb!

However, I may have gotten carried away, or rather the ram got carried away, because we have the propensity for 7-21 lambs. The ewes are all in pristine body condition and I anticipate they all may have multiples. That’s a LOT of lambs for us!

Fennel with his morning hay.

Meanwhile, we are locked and loaded for winter as it’s come early. We never had any real pretty fall colors here this year, it all happened so fast. The wind chill dipped below zero last night and the animals had their first confinement. The horse practically leapt into her horse blanket! Now, we are supposed to be back up in the 50s by the end of the week.

We recently got electric and water to the new barn and now we are all very spoiled. Oh, how the Husband spoils us! It does make everything quite easy in comparison with last winter. The back 5 acres yielded approximately 10 tons of hay this last summer, so we should be good to go until we are up on grass again in early May.

Walking the cat.

Meanwhile, we tackle the day-to-day chores and enjoy crazy beautiful sunsets…