Ah, yes, there isn’t hardly anything better than pie and coffee for breakfast the morning after Thanksgiving. Especially eaten at leisure in your own home at a reasonable hour after having slept a normal night’s sleep. You won’t find anyone from this farm leaving the property on Thanksgiving Day or early on Black Friday!

If we do any Black Friday shopping, it’s after 10am and then mostly online! I like to have the day to conjure up Kentucky Hot Browns from leftover turkey and start thinking about Christmas decor and wrapping presents. Besides, it’s all a gimmick anyways.

That and I shop with purpose, not for ideas. Typically, anything I’m looking for isn’t even on sale anyways. And anything I’m looking for most likely can’t be purchased locally either. I also like avoiding indoor and outdoor traffic, fist fights in parking lots, and the flu.

Yes, I do have a soft spot for UPS, FedEx, and USPS! They are the best part of the Christmas shopping experience. Bless their hearts.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!