So, I layered on new compost and planted a garden in early December to overwinter under the low tunnel.

When I went to check on the garden after the #PolarVortex in February, I was pretty sure everything was probably dead (I mean, we had serious negative temperatures for an extended period of time), but NO! Instead, #PeterFingRabbit had been sustaining himself on my garden!

My garden was alive, but completely chewed down to the quick, including two pretty big cabbages. #PeterFingRabbit did leave the bulbs of the onions, three very munched spinach plants, and four heads of red Bibb lettuce. Apparently, he wasn’t a fan?

So, I layered on new compost again and replanted a spring cold garden with four different varieties of lettuce, spinach, red and yellow onions, leeks, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, collard greens, two different kinds of beets, and carrots (*shaking fist at rabbit*).

Baby bibb lettuces with struggling Chinese cabbage in foreground.
Spinach galore. It might not look like much as these pictures are a little outdated and before the inches of rain we just got!

We’ve been trying to eat lots of spring salads as there is a lot of asparagus and rabbit-disdained lettuce and spinach. There will be even more here soon as the plants started in March come ready for harvest! Need to put a shade cloth out!

Red bibb lettuce Peter didn’t want.
Fresh spinach and lettuce from the garden!
Mmmmm…fresh asparagus…*drooling* Hand me a towel?

Every time I can get my hands on fresh spinach and eggs, I think about Pioneer Woman’s spinach salad recipe! MmmmMMMmm…bacon…

To die for and a good use of spring ingredients!