We’ve decided Duchess isn’t that good at “cat yoga” on the deck.

She tried a few moves, but then just wanted cuddles and scratches. She also kept getting distracted by bumblebees, other bugs, and the pressing need to bathe and groom herself. Ultimately, she gave up and went to police a chicken.

I’ve been doing the corpse pose and intermittently sipping my iced coffee, enjoying the fact it isn’t over 90°F at 10:30am yet. It’s been SOOO hot over the last few days (over 95°F during the day with heat indices from 102°F to 107°F). The weather pattern we’ve been stuck in is forecast to break tonight (supposed to be back in the 90s over the weekend). I’m hoping for a thunderstorm or two!

I’m not that great at “yoga” either. I think we all just like to sit on the mat, stretch, drink iced coffee, and watch for interesting birds. Now that my mat has been furred and is sporting some new claw marks, it’s time to go do some chores.