Turns out the volunteer vines, probably from last year’s seeds, aren’t pumpkins, but orange gourds.

The vines started dying off and revealed many, many orange gourds. It’s unclear if it is due to lack of water, as we have had very little rain, or if it is “just time”. Every year I live in denial of the impending change of seasons from summer into fall and fall into winter. I’m not ready. Ever.

I started picking them this morning as their stems had started to dry a little and some of the gourds were either rotting or being eaten where they contacted the ground. Now we will let them dry in a sunny place up out of the dirt. Hopefully they don’t rot or catch a fungus.

I guess it’s time to start decorating for harvest and Halloween. It’s time to look forward to slightly cooler days. It’s time to start accepting it.

The hay has been put up, I’m half way done with mucking, the fall garden vegetables have been started, the jarrahdale pumpkins are getting close to size, there are only a few hummingbirds left at the feeders, and it is getting close to my tomato harvest. I planted my tomato starts pretty late this year, so just recently have I been seeing hints of yellow, orange, and red on their vines.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve already started drinking pumpkin spice, but only in my ICED coffee!