Today the ewes were let back into their barn paddock, which they haven’t been in for about five months. They were thrilled of course – barn sweet barn!

It became apparent, as the ewes frolicked about with glee, that I should try to finish harvesting all the gourds and pick the jarrahdale pumpkins. I envisioned all my pumpkins lacerated by sharp little sheep hooves and set about figuring out which pumpkins were ready. Then I found one rotting! Drat!

I can’t even leave them to cure in the paddock because the ewe lambs would probably play with them…

I picked the rotting one and the others that seemed most ready to go, but left a couple that needed more time. Fingers crossed they don’t get attacked! I also went out to the vines next to the round bales and picked the oldest and biggest pumpkin. I still have about six on the vine, but I will give them a few more days before I pick them. (Probably better pick them before the heavy rain forecasted on Monday.)

I guess I will hack up the rotting one and see if there are any good spots where I can harvest seeds as they are supposed to be heirloom! Then it’s off to the compost with the rot. The rest of these will hang out in the sun to cure, harden, and dry for a few days.