It’s only 52 days until Christmas!

This year I am endeavoring to make homemade gifts for as many of my family members and friends as possible. It’s like Santa’s workshop around here. There’s wool, cat hair, and paint everywhere.

I started needle felting a polar bear, but then got sidetracked as I needed to wash, comb, and diz more roving.

Half-finished polar bear…

Then I stumbled across a Christmas gnome pattern.  I decided to make a pair of green and red gnomes for my mother for Christmas. I’m needle felting their beards and their boot cuffs from my wool, and using washed/combed wool as stuffing instead of poly fiber fill.

As I was working, I was trying to understand the difference between gnomes, elves, and dwarves. All I can come up with is that elves have pointy ears, dwarves are short and live underground, and gnomes are fat, smaller than dwarves, and live varied lives in the undergrowth or on a bookshelf. If anyone has this sorted, let me know?

Anyways, at least I’ve got the green gnome done! However, it’s back to washing wool for combing and dizzing if I’m ever going to finish the polar bear. It’s Polar Bear vs. Red Gnome – who will win this next wool round?

Combing and dizzing wool from washed locks.