OooooOoohh, shall we do Blogmas this year?! I say, yes!

Well, today I hit one last sale for Christmas decor and it’s time to put my back into decorating for Christmas. We will probably go tree hunting this coming weekend. I’m not sure yet if I will hang any Christmas lights outside this year – need to think about that.

I’ve already finished the majority of my Christmas shopping. I have two more people to shop for. Most all of the gifts have already been wrapped/shipped – I have a few left to ship – and I am still working on my mother’s homemade gifts! It’s crunch time now!

I’ve already had two souls beat me at Christmas cards; bless their hearts, the overachievers. I mean, who posts their Christmas cards before Thanksgiving? Psychopaths. Anyways, knowing me, I won’t post our cards until the week of Christmas and everyone will get them between Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

I’ve been more preoccupied thinking about what Christmas sweets I’m going to make this year. I’m thinking about skipping fudge and making divinity instead. Also, lemon cookies, pumpkin seed brittle, and dark chocolate peppermint bark. I’m worried about the potential backlash for skipping the fudge though!

I’m also trying to set up a hot chocolate bar. Not sure how much it will get used this winter as the weather is absolutely weird – today it got up to 65°F and tomorrow is forecast to be 76°F! Crazy! I was running around in a tank top and shorts all day! So much for the first day of meteorological winter…

Now I just need some miniature tongs!