Christmas music is a must! Confession: I started listening before Thanksgiving…

In my opinion, one MUST listen to Christmas music to stay properly focused during the season. Whether it’s acoustic, modern, traditional, religious, acapella, etc., it doesn’t matter. I’ve constantly got music playing in the house, on the radio in the truck, in my pocket or on my headphones while I’m working in the barn or tending to cats. So, if you’ve been against listening to Christmas music until the day of, I encourage you to open your mind and start listening earlier! It’s good to have a seasonal soundtrack to keep you looking forward to the big day.

Hands down, one of my most favorite Christmas songs (very non-traditional and makes me feel like I’m on camelback following the Star) is:

The First Noel by Sarah McLachlan

One of my other favorite Christmas songs from my favorite Christmas acapella group (imagining this was sung by shepherds in the cold under starlight):

Sing We Now of Christmas by Straight No Chaser

Golly, I feel like there is a theme here?! Well, I am pretty obsessed with the Magi and I am a shepherdess. Guess that explains it!

I actually leave up a long narrow sign above the inside of our front door all year long that reads, “Wise Men Still Seek Him”. Keeps me in the right frame of mind, but especially at Christmas. Seek Him always.

I’m sure everyone has their own theme or certain favorites that really get at the heart of what Christmas means to them.