Here they are – the two newest Kansas Clan members – Foxy Loxy and Mouse! They got a forever home for Christmas.

I didn’t start volunteering at the no-kill shelter with a plan of adopting, but that was before I opened Foxy’s cage. She was in a dark corner cage and I felt bad for her, so I opened her cage to visit with her and she just leapt out onto me! It made an impression and I kept going back to visit her. Eventually, I took the Husband to meet her, too.

We decided to try to adopt her, but then they told us that someone else had an application in on her. So, we were depressed and started looking at the other kittens. That’s when we started spending time with Mouse and decided to adopt her in place of Foxy.

Well, then a week later they told us that the people who wanted to adopt Foxy never called back, and would we like to take both Foxy AND Mouse? Of course we said yes. So, that’s how we ended up with both of them.

Mouse had been really ill while she was at the shelter and had a terrible eye infection, which was why they amputated her eye. Foxy had been really sick when she came to the shelter, and then she either had a relapse or got sick again when we brought her home. So, it was touch and go there for a while! After a course of doxycycline, she is all better.

On top of that, Mouse brought lice with her and Foxy brought worms. We’ve been back and forth to the vet a lot, but we think we have things under control after a couple of rounds of Revolution Plus. Currently, Foxy is in heat and Mouse has a hernia (we have no clue why or what from). Foxy is scheduled for her spay and Mouse is scheduled for hernia repair the week of Christmas. Hopefully we will be all situated after that!

They are integrating well with the two Kansas kittens we kept, Ermine and Mink (they are three years old now), and the last of our Florida cats, “Auntie” Tasi. Surprisingly, they haven’t bothered the Christmas tree and have generally been minding well. We’ve recently been letting them out of their quarantine (guest) room each day for a couple of hours to tear around the house like a couple of terrorists…